The Helsinki Debate: an inside report

Kai Kupferschmidt

Kai Kupferschmidt, our first speaker at the Helsinki Debate, posted a report on his experiences with the debate on his blog.

Money quote:

“After the opening statements, Peter presented some ethical dilemmas and people in the room were asked to go to one side of the room if they answered yes and the other side if they answered no. It was a great tool, because it meant that everybody in the session was taking a stance and could be called upon to justify it. It made for a lively, fun hour, but I also came away from it with a strong feeling that the lines were indeed blurring, or as someone pointed out, the lines might be clear, but people are jumping back and forth over those lines more and more. Journalists, then, are becoming blurry.”

Read Kai’s report in full.

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